Council for the Advancement of Global Mental Health Research



About The Program

In February 2019, the Columbia Global Mental Health Programs launched the Council for the Advancement of Global Mental Health Research to support the next generation of mental health researchers around the world who are working to develop new strategies of mental health services and to expand treatment.

The Council is assembled of engaged mental health ambassadors invited from various professions, skill sets, and world-wide locations. Council members charitably support the Council Grant Program, which funds new investigators and new ideas in global mental health research with one-year pilot grants. The first set of Council Grant Program recipients began their projects in Fall 2019. More information about the Council Grant Program can be found here.

To learn more about the Council or express interest in joining the Council, please email [email protected].

2020 Council for the Advancement of Global Mental Health Research Members

*Denotes membership through the Young Professionals Board

  • Lisa Acker
  • Anonymous
  • Laura Athey
  • Brianna Bailey*
  • Alison Baker
  • Michaella Baker*
  • Martha Barry
  • Estelle Bender
  • Larkin Bernardi*
  • Alicia Bollesen
  • Janel Callon
  • Kelsey Clayman*
  • Dr. Robert Connolly
  • Laurie DelBene
  • Trish Dunne
  • Kathleen Feeney
  • Robert Feldman
  • Ashley Feng
  • Dr. Tyler Ferris
  • Jesse Finkelstein
  • Joel Finkelstein
  • Fountain House Representative
  • Dr. Michael Franczak and Ms. Christy Dye
  • Mary Ellen Gallagher
  • Dr. Charles Goldstein (Chair)
  • Dr. Nick Greenwood and Nikki Greenwood
  • Stephanie Guyett (Chair)
  • Kate Hackenberg*
  • Yi Hao
  • Jennifer Halloran
  • Jane Miller Henderson
  • Tina Henderson
  • Will Henderson*
  • Bonna Horovitz
  • Jane Hunsaker
  • Christi Jensen
  • Mary T. Johnson
  • D’Anna Keinan
  • Neha Kinariwalla*
  • Edith and Sergey Koyfman
  • Jillian Kuhn*
  • Yumi Kuwana
  • Nikki Levine*
  • Gwen Li
  • Mary Marsh
  • Brady Miller*
  • Bruce Miller
  • Jere Miller (Chair)
  • McKenzie Miller
  • Spenser Miller
  • Azam and Halley Mistry
  • Alice and Jeffrey Morris
  • Josh Mozell
  • Shelly Nemirovsky
  • Conor O’Neill*
  • Charles and Bette Pike
  • Ohemaa Poku*
  • Enid Prasad
  • Debra Rahn-Oakes
  • Celeste Rault
  • Linda Rosenberg
  • Emily Sacher*
  • Michele Sanford
  • Colleen Scibetta
  • Linsey Scorsby*
  • Linda Semlitz
  • Judy Siegel
  • Zoe Siegel*
  • Michal Small
  • Amanda Somekh*
  • Mingyuan Song
  • Debbie Sorkin
  • Linda Spinner
  • Lisa Springer
  • Lesa Stevenson
  • Sheryl Szlosek
  • Sara Uebelein*
  • Jenna Watson*
  • Lara Watson*
  • Alana Weinstein*
  • Brad Wiener
  • Deidre Wiener
  • Lori Wigmore
  • Claire Wolstencroft
  • Kyle Wolstencroft
  • Jared Worwood
  • Leanne Worwood
  • Lindsey Yudkoff*
  • Brooke Ziegelbaum*
  • Chelsea Ziegelbaum*

Council Luncheon 2020

The second annual Council Luncheon was held on February 24, 2020 at Teachers College, Columbia University. The first four grantees funded by Council contributions shared short overviews of their research in the Philippines, Ethiopia, Chile, and among immigrant communities in New York City. These grantees shared details about their interest in global mental health and the impact of their grants, even from small seed funding. After lunch, Columbia global mental health faculty member Dr. Geoffrey Reed and director Sam Feder explained the power of global mental health research to shape advocacy at the intersection of gender and mental health. Dr. Geoffrey Reed presented on his research, funded by small grants similar to the Council funding, that was used to shift gender incongruence out of the Mental, Behavioral, and Neurological Disorders chapter of the ICD-11. Sam Feder followed by showing clips of his film Disclosure, which recently premiered at Sundance Film Festival and showcases the depiction of transgender individuals in Hollywood. Sam and his partner on the film, Amy Scholder, were given the Arts & Advocacy Award from the Columbia-WHO Center for Global Mental Health for their use of the arts as a tool for advocacy to fight for the health and mental well-being of all people.

Grant Recipient Presentations:



Council Luncheon 2019

The first annual Council Luncheon brought together Columbia faculty, young investigators, and Council members for a day of learning about the impact of small grants on research. Dr. Rebecca Robles, Dr. Kate Lovero, and Franco Mascayano, all young investigators who have received funding support from Columbia University, spoke on a panel with Dr. Kathleen Pike about the impact of small grant funding on their careers and the future of global mental health.