Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program

About The Program

The Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program has a broad interdisciplinary focus and aims to create a cadre of leaders who will serve as change agents in health and aging policy to ultimately improve the health care of older adults. The Program offers (1) a residential track that includes a nine-to-twelve-month placement in Washington, D.C. or at a state agency (as a legislative assistant in Congress, a professional staff member in an executive branch agency or in a policy organization); and (2) a non-residential track that includes a health policy project and brief placement(s) throughout the year at relevant sites. Non-residential fellows may focus their policy project at a community, state, federal or global level. The fellowship program is now offering dedicated slots with a special focus on community, global and behavioral health.

Fellows are selected based on their commitment to health and aging issues, leadership potential, and interest in impacting policy. Applicants from groups that historically have been underrepresented are strongly encouraged to apply at the Health and Aging Policy Fellowship website.

Collaboration Aims

HAP Fellows provide high profile contributions to policy and legislation during the fellowship. Post-fellowship, many engage in joint projects (funded through opportunity grants) and become actively involved in health policy at national and local levels. These activities have a sustained impact on the program, and our growing and very dynamic alumni network is pursuing important future initiatives in a rapidly changing health and aging policy environment to benefit the lives of older Americans.

For further information on these activities, please contact: Kathleen M. Pike, PhD ([email protected])