Africa Mental Health Research and Training Foundation Collaboration


Dr. David Ndetei
Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Nairobi, Kenya; Founder of AMHF

Dr. Victoria Mutiso
Director of Research, Administration and Finance at AMHF

Dr. Christine Musyimi
Research Ethics and Publications Officer at AMHF

About The Program

Mental disorders represent an enormous burden in much of Africa. Environmental factors, such as political violence and poverty, increase risk for mental illness in regions that have extremely limited resources to provide care. Our collaboration with the Africa Mental Health Foundation aims to provide ongoing opportunities for research and training. With a focus on exploring innovative strategies to improve mental health services in low-resourced environments, our collaboration promises to provide important discoveries that can be implemented in Africa and North America alike.

The Africa Mental Health Foundation

Africa Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) is a non-governmental organization, operating in Kenya and the entire East African region, dedicated to research for evidence-based policy, practice and promotion of mental and neurological health, and healthy behaviour. The Foundation’s primary research area of focus is community mental health with the aim of providing innovative, appropriate, affordable, available and accessible mental health and substance use services to all Kenyans irrespective of their socio-economic status. It is now the premier Mental Health Research and Resource Centre in the region. It works with Multi-stakeholders of various backgrounds who have something to contribute to mental health in Kenya and other low-income countries. Website:

Collaboration Aims

In order to address current special needs for Kenya the following areas of research represent potential research and training priorities:

  • Mental health and ageing
  • Suicide
  • Mental health and human rights
  • Peri-natal mental health
  • Disaster and mental health
  • Gender based violence
  • School mental health
  • Prison mental health
  • Mental health in non-communicable and communicable diseases
  • Mental health systems

Contact Information

For further information on the GMHP-Africa Mental Health Foundation Collaboration, please contact Dr. Tahilia Rebello at [email protected].