Summer Institute in Global Mental Health at Teachers College



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About The Program

The Summer Institute in Global Mental Health is an annual 6-day training program in the Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Mental Health Gap Humanitarian Intervention Guide (mhGAP-HIG) run by the Global Mental Health Lab at Teachers College. This training is designed for mental health and allied specialists, non-specialists, and students working with populations exposed to severe adversities and trauma.

The workshop aims to:

  • Offer hands-on, interactive learning of the WHO Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy manual focused on the basic principles, strategies, and techniques of Group IPT for treatment of depression and post-traumatic symptoms
  • Build knowledge on how Group IPT is adapted and implemented in low-resource settings for persons affected by extreme adversities.
  • Offer hands-on knowledge of the WHO mhGAP-HIG manual with emphasis on case identification of psychopathology in humanitarian settings
  • Build understanding of basic facts about suicide, acquire skills to adequately assess suicide risk, and develop effective plans to mitigate risk in low-resource regions.
  • Emphasize the crucial role of family participation in the process of treatment and provide effective strategies for family engagement

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance and Certificate in Group (Level A) Training in Group Interpersonal Therapy.

This year, the Summer Institute in Global Mental Health will be held virtually from April 26- May 2, 2021.

Group IPT training is provided by:

  • Helen (Lena) Verdeli, Ph.D., M.Sc.
  • Kathleen (Kathy) F. Clougherty, L.C.S.W.

WHO mhGap Humanitarian Intervention Guide training is provided by:

  • Peter Ventevogel, M.D., Ph.D.

Disability Policy & Advocacy in Global Mental Health training is provided by:

  • Sandra Willis, Ph.D.

For more information, please visit the Summer Institute in Global Mental Health website.