Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
WHO Announces Adoption of New International Classification of Diseases

Imagine playing golf and not having words for birdie or bogey. Imagine preparing dinner without the guidance of cookbooks that describe what a soufflé is and what the ingredients for lasagna are. The ICD-11 is the organizing volume, the guidebook, that captures our current knowledge for all health conditions, including mental health and substance use disorders.

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Columbia Global Mental Health Programs Summer Internship

Welcome to our Columbia Global Mental Health Programs' undergraduate summer interns, who will be working on a variety of qualitative and quantitative global mental health research projects with us for the summer!

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Dementia Reimagined

Dr. Tia Powell directs the Center for Bioethics for Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  She is a national expert on dementia, and for full disclosure, she is a dear friend. So, it is with enormous joy that I share with you a conversation I had with Tia about her recently published book Dementia Reimagined.


Congratulations to the Global Mental Health Programs' Research Associate, Nicole Khauli, who will start her PhD in Clinical Psychology this fall at Palo Alto University, and former intern Janelle Gore, who will start her master's degree this fall at Emory Rollins School of Public Health.

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
From Russia, With Love

If only 007 could see it now… I spent the last two weeks in Moscow and St. Petersburg, first working and then visiting a world that has been colored for me by great (and long) Russian novels filled with palaces and czars, and Bond films portraying Cold War drama and intrigue.

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Engaging the Arts as a lens through which to encounter, educate, and understand mental illness represents a poignant and powerful tool that has the capacity to traverse cultural boundaries and societal stigma.