Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
"Mom, I'm Bored"

Music to my ears. But this wasn’t always so. As parents, we have been brainwashed to be afraid of hearing those dreaded words: “I’m bored.”

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Mental Health Decisions in this Era of Information Overload

Two of my kids just had their annual dental checkups. The dentist, who I like very much, recommends that they have their wisdom teeth removed. Sort of straightforward, except that a growing number of oral health professionals have moved away from prophylactic extractions. What should we do?

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Summer Vacation: Reads to Inspire Your Imagination

Today marks the last day of a two-week vacation with my family. Three generations together among great tortoises and blue footed boobies in the Galapagos and cattle and condors in the Andes.

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
What's On Our Mind: Dementia

We have launched a new series called “What’s On Our Mind” to provide a space where we can talk with experts from around the world about current mental health issues. Hosted on Facebook Live, our aim is to provide an informative discussion in a casual, conversational format that is widely accessible.

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Columbia Global Mental Health Programs Summer Internship

This summer, we have had thirteen interns working here in New York City with Columbia faculty and post-docs to advance mental health research, policy and advocacy.

Our mission

Pioneering research initiatives. Promoting mental health.
Reducing the burden of mental illness worldwide.

Education & Training

Offering a wide range of educational opportunities for students, clinicians and researchers interested in advancing global mental health.


Committed to increasing knowledge that has real impact, members of our GMHP engage in research initiatives on a wide range of mental health priorities around the world.

Advocacy and the Arts

Engaging the Arts as a lens through which to encounter, educate, and understand mental illness represents a poignant and powerful tool that has the capacity to traverse cultural boundaries and societal stigma.