Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Super Bowl Mental Health

With over one hundred million viewers, the Super Bowl is one of the most widely watched American broadcasts of the year. It is the quintessential sports spectacle of strategy and strength. Football players are famous for their size and muscle, but some are making headlines in another important way.

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Dark Days; Dark Mood

Friends of mine just left for two weeks of vacation to someplace closer to the equator where they went to soak up some sunshine. For many of us, we experience a visceral desire to go where it’s warm and sunny during the winter.

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Masculinity, Toxic Masculinity & The Best Men Can Get

This week, Gillette released an ad campaign that has ignited public discourse – including over 20 million views on Youtube – about what should be considered “normal” male behavior and what needs to go for men to be “the best men can get.”

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Good Grief

I attended a funeral last week. Losing a loved one precipitates a journey of grieving. And although this experience of loss is nearly universal, it is also exquisitely personal.

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
2018 Home Office Challenge

Sitting at her desk, Tracy did a 360 degree spin in her chair, and identified five objects that do not have any immediate or obvious connection to mental health. But wait…!

Five on Fridaymusings on mental health
Hello 2019; Goodbye 2018

With the start of a new year, we all engage in some form of accounting. In doing so, almost universally, we focus on aspects of our lives that are intimately associated with our mental health and wellbeing.

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