T-32 Research Fellowship in Global Mental Health

About The Program

The Columbia University Research Fellowship in Global Mental Health and Implementation Science (T32) provides postdoctoral training to the next generation of Global Mental Health scientists.

The T32 Global Mental Health Research Fellowship is a post-doctoral research fellowship directed by Dr. Milton Wainberg. This fellowship is open to individuals who have received their doctorate (or medical) degree at the time of appointment, have a record of academic excellence, and have demonstrated a commitment to a career GMH research. Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, T32 GMH Research Fellows receive two or three years of funding.

The fellowship’s focus is two-fold:

  1. deployment-focused interventions research, whereby fellows learn how to develop interventions suited for deployment in resource poor areas. In addition, fellows acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for adapting efficacious interventions to diverse settings with the help of community collaborators. These interventions directly address components of prevention, recognition, assessment, and treatment, and are field tested for efficiency and clinical utility
  2. intervention dissemination, implementation, and services research, which teaches fellows the process of translating mental health preventions, assessments, and treatment interventions to specific LMIC settings and study outcomes.

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T32 GMH Fellows

  • Ali Giusto, PhD
  • Sapna Mendon, PhD
  • Melissa Stockton, PhD
  • Bernadine Waller, PhD

Past T32 GMH Fellows

  • M. Claire Greene, PhD, MPH
  • Pamela Scorza, PhD
  • Kathryn L. Lovero, PhD
  • Cady Carlson, PhD
  • Terriann Nicholson, MD
  • Sara Davaasambuu, PhD
  • Liat Helpman, PhD
  • Sabrina Hermosilla, PhD
  • Karen Johnson, PhD, MSW
  • Jennifer Mootz, PhD
  • Annika Sweetland, PhD, MSW