Social Determinants of Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities for Interventions

We are honored that Dr. Crick Lund joined our first University Seminar for this academic year to provide a presentation focused on the social determinants of mental health.

Social determinants of mental disorders refer to the social and economic conditions that have a direct influence on the prevalence and severity of mental disorders in individuals across the life course (Lund et al., 2018). Dr. Lund and colleagues developed a framework that summarizes the five domains of social determinants, as well as the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals for each domain.

With this framework, researchers can continue to develop models to better understand these mechanisms, create interventions that target these upstream factors, and help to prevent mental disorders at the population level.

Dr. Kathleen Sikkema, member of the GMHP Faculty Steering Committee, moderated this discussion. The recording for this webinar is available here.

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