Recent Publications and Ongoing Collaborations with Mental Health Professionals in the Russian Federation

International collaboration is a key component of our mission to improve mental health globally.

The scope and power of these collaborations is shown in a series of articles recently published in Consortium Psychiatricum by Drs. Geoffrey Reed, Tahilia Rebello, and Kathleen Pike, with long-time collaborators from the Russian Federation.

Co-authored Drs. Melita Vujnovic, Olga Manukhina, Pavlos Theodorakis of the World Health Organization Country Office in the Russian Federation and Dr. Konstantinos Fountoulakis from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, the first article discusses the importance of adopting the ICD-11 as a global standard for classification and reporting of mental health disorders.

Another article, written in collaboration with Drs. Maya Kulygina and Valery Krasnov, highlights the substantive contributions of mental health practitioners from the Russian Federation, including serving on the ICD-11 scientific leadership group and participating in large scale global field studies during the development and testing of the ICD-11.

The third article, written with Drs. Rebecca Robles and Tania Real of the National Institute of Psychiatry in Mexico, provides an overview of recent efforts to conceptualize sexual orientation and gender identity in ways that affirm the experiences and human rights of the populations served.

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