Tracy Grathwohl

  • International Advisory Board Member

Tracy Grathwohl was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in upstate New York and Massachusetts. Tracy attended Carnegie Mellon University graduating with a degree in Professional Writing and then went on to the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Tracy worked as an intellectual property litigator in New York City.

Tracy has had many passions over the years. She has volunteered in many aspects in her children’s schools, including fundraising and administration of the parent-teacher organizations. Tracy also believes in global education for women and has done some fundraising for the American University for Women.

Tracy has lived with her family in New York City, Tokyo and London. She currently splits her time between Long Island and New York City where she works as a writer and is a personal assistant, stylist and logistics manager for her four children, husband, Bill, and father. She often wonders why these people can’t do more for themselves.

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