S. Emre Kuraner

  • 2022 Summer Intern

Sinan Emre Kuraner (he/him/his) is a student at Fordham University, majoring in Psychology and Pre-Med. Emre worked with Dr. Kathleen Pike and Dr. Rachel Presskreischer this summer on a project that examines an interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis of eating disorders. The team proposes that oral health professionals are in prime positions to notice signs of eating disorders and specifically highlight ways oral health professionals can take the first steps to intervene to treat these disorders. As timing is critical when it comes to treating eating disorders, being able to intervene at an early stage is crucial. Emre’s role in the project was to find and review the latest literature and write a commentary with a practica student in the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. The pair worked towards their strengths; as a psychology major interested in eating disorders, Emre primarily focused on the eating disorders aspect of the commentary while his partner Michael focused on how oral health professionals could intervene. In addition, Emre completed weekly tasks with his cohort, including co-hosting a journal club and editing related blog posts. These additional communication projects taught him different ways to present and commentate on scientific information.

Being part of the Columbia GMHP Summer Internship allowed Emre to use his abilities to the fullest and showed him some of the challenges researchers face when working and publishing. Through the guidance of his mentors, he has improved as an aspiring scientist and has gained valuable insight into what it means to be a researcher. Emre aims to use his newly enhanced practical and theoretical skills in medical school once he graduates. He has had a fantastic time with this internship and is looking forward to the future.


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