Roxy Mistry

  • 2020 Summer Intern

This summer, Roxy Mistry worked closely with Dr. Tahilia Rebello on the ICD-11 training modules. She assisted Dr. Rebello in uploading and revising audio files, PowerPoint presentations, and creating voiceover scripts about various mental illnesses such as mood disorders, obsessive compulsive related disorders, and schizophrenia and psychotic disorders. Roxy also spent her time as an intern finding artists from the Fountain House Gallery (a gallery for artists living with mental illness). Their art demonstrated many different categories of mental disorders and were added to these training modules. 

In addition to the work on the training modules, Roxy also assisted Dr. Geoffrey Reed in updating the ICD-11 bibliography by researching new journal articles relevant to the ICD-11. She had an extremely rewarding summer as an intern with Columbia GMHP and learned much about the professional field of Global Mental Health.

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