Muriel Moscardini

Muriel Moscardini is a pioneering industrial engineer and a respected leader in the tech world. Prior to entering multimedia 7 years ago, Moscardini occupied a number of different managerial positions across a range of industries, giving her a broad scope of experiences in corporate management and business development.

Moscardini began her career in France working for the leading smartcard manufacturer in 1997. She was in charge of optimizing customer support across 40 countries and 10 manufacturing sites. She was promoted to supply chain manager where she remotely supervised international teams and achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

Moscardini then assumed the role of Business Manager for a major consulting group situated in the south of France, responsible for overseeing engineering projects for aeronautics, defense, and electronics companies. Moscardini directed a team of technical experts and developed new businesses within various industries and government entities.

After three successful years in this role, her work with the consulting group took her to Spain in order to develop a new area of business in supply chain management and where she also spent time as Operations Manager, organizing the mergers of companies and optimizing corporate assets through internal M&A. She then became CEO of a leading multimedia company in Spain in 2008, then founded their NYC office branch in 2013 and managed the business from there. She developed an international business in IT providing software A/V solutions to major OEMs on the market, and launched new products in the video analysis environment, creating new business opportunities in sports as well as defined markets.

Today, Moscardini continues to develop crucial networks in the realm of multimedia, partnering with blue chip companies in the U.S. and around the world bringing her experience and analysis in management and business at different levels.

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