Mukund Nair

  • 2021 Summer Intern

Mukund Nair is a rising senior at Williams College studying Religion with minors in Public Health and Neuroscience. Enabling others lies at the core of Mukund’s work and has been the inspiration behind his interest in medicine and the allied health sciences. He became interested in mental health when the stories and life experiences of those around him exhibited just how powerful the mind is. His love for working with the youth has since then pushed him to focus on the mental health of the youth.

Eager to learn more about mental health in an academic setting, Mukund joined the Columbia Global Mental Health Programs (GMHP) summer internship. Here, Mukund has worked with Dr. Claire Greene to develop an implementation plan for her proposed study which measures the feasibility and effectiveness of a culturally adapted group therapy in Panamanian and Ecuadorian migrant communities. He worked to understand the practical limitations and research requirements of the study and was able to successfully create a set of standard operating procedures to help guide researchers on the ground in Ecuador and Panama.

Outside of the project, he had the wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with a group of passionate undergraduate students, interested in various parts of global mental health. This was crucial in allowing him to understand just how wide the field of public health is. Mukund aimed to lay the foundations for a career in public health by entering this internship and feels like he is leaving with that and more. Along with the project work and professional development, he is grateful for the network of support he was given by fellow interns and faculty at Columbia. He hopes to serve his global community by working with non-profits and the government to ensure equitable health (both mental and physical) outcomes in communities through policy and grass-roots efforts.

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