Manya Balachander

  • 2020 Summer Intern

Manya Balachander worked with Dr. Sabrina Hermosilla this summer on two separate projects: Child Friendly Spaces in Nepal, and Mental Health First Aid. Both projects assessed the effectiveness of these interventions across various different settings. Through this experience, she assisted in drafting parts of these manuscripts, proposed various ways to visualize the data in each project, and learned how to perform data extraction from multiple sources to assist in the drafting of each project. Manya also completed weekly tasks that included a brief literature review of the impacts of narrative-based storytelling on forced migrants and their trauma, updated various Columbia faculty members’ CVs and resumes, and engaged in social media outreach.

Manya enjoyed her summer in the Global Mental Health Programs because it provided her with a lot of useful technical and theoretical skills that she will take with her throughout her academic and professional career. She will be returning to the program in August to continue working with Dr. Hermosilla and the rest of the team! She is very excited to keep the momentum on these projects going and can’t wait to see how she can get involved in the future.

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