Laurie Goldstein

  • International Advisory Board Member

For the first twenty years of her career, Laurie Goldstein worked as a semiconductor process engineer for Motorola. The next two decades advanced into managerial roles and as senior business analyst as a usability engineer, most recently at NXP Semiconductor.

Goldstein divides her philanthropy into three buckets: mental health, education and the arts, inspired to intervene for those struggling with mental health issues by the needs of her adopted son who lives with behavioral and mental disorders.  She is a strong advocate, working with Mental Health America of Arizona, and recently created the Association for the Chronically Mentally Ill (ACMI) whose mission is to work with other stakeholders to improve care of people with chronic mental illness through cost-effective network enhancements.

As a Trustee of Arizona State University, Laurie helps advocate for access to quality education for all capable students and sees it as a basic building block of our society. She is a Milestone donor with ASU Gammage, a key component of the cultural landscape of the Valley, focused on performing arts, artist residencies and artist education programs that change lives for the better. Beginning in 2019, Laurie and her husband will serve as co-chairs of the ASU national art council, which aims to use art to solve cultural issues.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Laurie has made her home in Arizona since she was six years old, and lives there with her husband, Chuck, where they raised four children.

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