Kira Charny

  • 2022 Summer Intern

Kira Charny (she/her/hers) is a student at Boston University, majoring in Psychology. This summer, Kira worked with Dr. Kathy Pike and Dr. Tahilia Rebello on a project that focused on assessing trauma-informed care frameworks. More specifically, she examined the Sanctuary Model at an organization called Andrus. Through this experience, she was able was able to assist in creating a proposal for year long work with Andrus along with starting a scoping review of literature that revolves around the main questions of the proposal. The review includes focusing on the implementation of the Sanctuary Model in organizations like Andrus and non-Sanctuary Model Trauma-Informed care literature. Kira also attended at least one meeting per week with her mentors where she was expected to present her week’s work. She enjoyed her summer working in the Global Mental Health Programs Summer Internship because she learned valuable skills which include creating a scoping review, creating visual aids like mind maps, presenting, collaborating, and importantly, recognizing the need for more research on implementing trauma-informed care frameworks into organizations to create a safer environment for people who experience with mental distress. She is very excited to see where this project ends up in the following year and will always value her time as an intern in the Global Mental Health Programs.

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