Jody Silver

  • International Advisory Board Member

Jody Silver has worked as a leading mental health advocate for over 30 years, speaking up for change, integration and the overall better health of people with mental health challenges. Formerly the Director of the Office of Consumer Affairs for The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene [DOHMH], she became Executive Director of Collaborative Support Programs NJ [CSP] in September 2013. This statewide agency is unique in that it is directed, managed and staffed through the collaborative efforts of mental health consumers and non-consumers. CSP serves approximately 700 people through housing and housing supports, 7,000 through their peer operated self-help centers and hosts a nationally recognized Wellness Institute.

Jody believes strongly that the voices of mental health peers need to be heard loud and clear. In NYC, she took part in major initiatives having to do with crisis diversion, cultural competency, health integration and economic self-sufficiency. Prior to her work at DOHMH, Jody served as the Director of Advocacy and Public Policy for Community Access. Jody has served on numerous boards and committees and has received important awards, including NAMI Metro Seeds of Hope 2012 Award and, in 2013, NYAPRS’ Brendan Nugent Leadership Award. She lives in New York City with her partner and her miniature wirehair dachshund, Sophia.

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