Jaclyn Schess

Jaclyn Schess (Yale College, 2018) is from Syosset, New York. She is a Global Health Fellow studying economics and specifically interested in empirical microeconomics as it can inform health policy decision-making. Jaclyn hopes for her career to focus on global mental health, working at the intersection of research and policy. She has worked as a research assistant at the Queensland Center for Mental Health Research under the direction of Dr. Harvey Whiteford and is serving as lead author on a paper investigating government expenditure on services for mental health carers in Australia. She was also involved in work evaluating the implementation of WHO’s mhGAP in Fiji. She is looking forward to serving as a research intern at Sangath, in Goa, India this summer in their Addictions Research Group. Jaclyn is interested in pursing graduate work in the UK in health economics and/or health policy and a PhD in health policy relating to mental health down the road. You can reach Jaclyn at [email protected]

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