Eve Hiyori Estrada

  • 2021 Summer Intern
  • 2022 Management Interns

Eve Estrada was a summer intern with the Global Mental Health Programs in 2021 and returned to serve as a Management Intern in 2022. Eve has lived throughout the U.S. and Asia, ultimately developing a desire to be involved in work for the benefit of the global community. Her interest in global mental health stems from the varying perspectives on mental health she encountered in her ethnic and national background.

As part of her work with the Center, Eve worked with Dr. Sapna Mendon-Plasek on a project for a feedback mechanism loop across multiple tiers of stakeholders, which would facilitate engagement with data to improve delivery of services and patient outcomes. Eve further supported literature reviews to provide background for grant proposals and the early stages of grant applications as well. Eve found the Global Mental Health Programs internship to be extremely fulfilling, further developing not just her research skills but her professional and academic interests as well.

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