David Eniola

  • 2022 Summer Intern

David Eniola (he/they) is a student at Princeton University, majoring in Psychology. David worked with Dr. Philip Kreniske this summer on the development of a mobile text-based resource named Kirabo, which links adolescents in Uganda with HIV testing, PrEP access, and local mental health counselors. His tasks with Dr. Kreniske’s research team have included getting acquainted with the literature surrounding HIV and HIV prevention in Uganda, revising a protocol paper, finding previously established questions related to how COVID-19 impacted Ugandan adolescents’ lives to add to the resource, analyzing and summarizing participant feedback from pre-test focus group interviews, and developing a poster presentation based on the focus group interview findings. David also completed weekly tasks like updating Columbia faculty members profiles on the CUGMHP website and categorizing weekly blog articles from Dr. Kathleen Pike’s Five on Friday blog. David enjoyed their time as an intern in the Global Mental Health Programs because they learned about the development and implementation of interventions, gained exposure to a variety of mental health professionals and careers, and met other passionate interns. David will be returning in the fall to continue working with Dr. Kreniske and his research team. David is excited to continue gaining valuable insights into the field of global mental health and contribute to the further development of this resource.

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