Cogie Celzo

  • 2021 Summer Intern

Cogie Celzo is a rising senior at Pomona College who is completing a degree in Psychological Science and a minor in Asian American Studies. Having been socialized in both his home country of the Philippines and later in the U.S., he has experienced first-hand the important roles that place, culture, and societal structures play when discussing and conceptualizing mental health. So far, Cogie has done work with the Culture, Race, and Brain Lab at Pomona College where he has looked into the way cultural orientations affect our cognitions using EEG and event-related potential methodology. He has also worked with the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies at UC Davis where he has spent time researching contemporary Filipino/American topics such as the mental health outcomes of Filipino collegiate students in the U.S. and the migration trends of Filipino overseas workers. Eventually, Cogie hopes to become a professor of Psychological Science who both educates and mentors his students purposefully.

Cogie’s time at the Columbia Global Mental Health Programs has opened his eyes to many new paths moving forward. Alongside a fellow CUGMHP intern, Cogie worked with Dr. Sabrina Hermosilla on the early stages of a systematic review that looks to explicate the health and mental health consequences of migration on child migrants. Throughout the summer he and the team worked on reviewing over seven thousand titles for the systematic review according to a review protocol and will continue to work on the abstract and full text review as the time goes on. In addition to this main focus, Cogie has also worked on establishing data extraction forms for the systematic review, revising the citations for the GCPN scholarly output page, and updating CUGMHP website pages as needed.

While Cogie thinks the summer has flown by, he is still very happy with his experience with the Columbia Global Mental Health Programs and is excited to continue working on his projects moving forward!

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