Claudonna Hewitt

  • 2019 Summer Intern

Claudonna Hewitt earned her B.A at Montclair State University in Psychology and minored in Public Health and Anthropology. During her time at Montclair State, Claudonna was a Bonner Scholar, where she committed three-hundred hours a year to community service. Her main service placement was with young adults with developmental disabilities to engage with them in college environment, and she also worked on disaster relief projects for Hurricane Sandy, Michael, and Florence. Moreover, Claudonna has worked with Habitat for Humanity in Clearwater, FL to help rebuild home for families in need. Her interest in global mental health stems from the miseducation of mental disorders, especially in underserved communities.

During the Global Mental Health Internship, in conjunction with the CDC Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP), Claudonna worked with with Dr. Reuben Robbins in the HIV Center within the Mailman School of Public Health. She conducted data entry and research to create norms tables for Dr. Robbins’ “NeuroScreen” application to help assess the level of neurocognitive impairments in HIV+ adolescents in South Africa and Thailand.

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