Aquielle Person

  • 2022 Summer Intern

Aquielle Person (she/her/hers) is a recent graduate from Brown University, with a B.S. in Psychology. Aquielle worked with Dr. Rachel Presskreischer on a project that investigated eating disorder treatment access across the United States. Using information from multiple datasets from the National Mental Health Services Survey conducted by SAMHSA, Aquielle began an investigation into treatment access with the hopes of charting change over time. Using statistical analyses, she investigated a number of variables including the base number of treatment facilities that offer care for eating disorders, insurance access, payment access, among other factors. Outside of her research with Dr. Presskreischer, Aquielle completed several tasks, namely categorizing themes of Dr. Kathy Pike’s Five on Friday Blog. She also participated in an Instagram takeover for the Global Mental Health Programs, where she was able to share her experiences as a summer intern with the public. She will be continuing to work with Dr. Presskreischer on her project and is excited to continue with exploring their findings and strengthening her statistics skills. She hopes to eventually contribute to a paper or brief report that highlights their findings.

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