Alex Jansen

  • 2020 Summer Intern

Alex Jansen, a native of New York City, worked with Dr. Kathy Pike and was involved in Dr. Pike’s weekly Five on Friday posts. Alex critically analyzed research studies and articles that were relevant in today’s global pandemic. Through extensive analysis, he assembled research documents with studies and other pertinent articles relating to important topics such as the significance of end of life rituals and the role of memory in mental health. Alex also helped brainstorm future Five on Friday’s and crafted social media blogs based on current research.

Alex is extremely passionate about clinical mental health, as he is interested in the theoretical and applied experiences of mental health. Currently enrolled in his third year of Queens University’s Bachelor of Nursing Science program, Alex is pursuing a meaningful career in healthcare where he can make a difference in people’s everyday lives. Alex greatly enjoyed the summer internship with the Columbia Global Mental Health Programs and is grateful for the learning experience of a lifetime.

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