Love is EleMENTAL: Eve Ensler’s In The Body of the World

This past Friday, our second Love is EleMENTAL Program centered around Eve Ensler’s performance of her personal memoir, In the Body of the World. It was a riveting ninety minutes that drilled to the heart of humanity and what happens when stripped bare and vulnerable, someone finds courage and strength and a life that is finally grounded in her body and in her world.  A standing ovation met the closing line of the show.

Friends of the Global Mental Health Program were treated to a pre-show discussion led by Gwendolyn Alker, NYU Director of Theatre Studies, who described Eve as a woman ahead of her time. Following Eve’s moving solo performance, Dr Kathleen Pike had the opportunity to ask thoughtful and pertinent questions in a TalkBack with Eve who shared more of her story and her passion for humanitarian work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly the “transformational” leadership community for women survivors of violence, City of Joy.

Read Dr Pike’s musings on Eve Ensler in this edition of Five on Friday. We look forward to celebrating Love, The Arts and Mental Health with you in our 2019 Love is EleMENTAL program.