Webinar Overview: Gender Differences in Bipolar Disorder Across the Lifespan Through an Intersectional Lens

Throughout the summer, our Global Mental Health Undergraduate Summer Interns will be sharing overviews of various lectures and webinars they attended. Here’s the first of the series! 

On June 10th, 2021. NIMH’s Office of Disparity Research and Workforce Diversity hosted their first webinar for their 2021 summer series. Among presenters were Drs. Hilary P. Blumberg and Crystal T. Clark

During the webinar, each speaker presented their current research around bipolar disorder:

  • Dr. Hilary P. Blumberg highlighted gender differences in brain circuitry while also studying genetic, developmental, and environmental factors that cause bipolar disorder. In addition, she is researching better methods for early detection and effective intervention strategies.
  • Dr. Crystal T. Clark highlighted gender differences in the pharmacokinetics of psychotropics used to treat bipolar disorder with a focus on perinatal patients. In addition, she emphasizes the use of lamotrigine and lithium in pregnant women with bipolar disorder and continues to study how to optimize treatment during the perinatal period.

Both studies, funded by NIMH, not only gave an overview of bipolar disorder but did so in relation to intersectionality. Through both presentations the audience was able to learn the importance of research that acknowledges how differences among individuals and specific populations affect how disorders appear and emanate.

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