Why I Ride for Mental Health

Last Sunday, thirteen riders from our WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Mental Health team braved the downpour to bike in the Five Boro Bike Tour in support of global mental health The Five Boro... Read More

I Thought I Would Never Run Again

A few years ago, I was standing in Central Park admiring the fall leaves It was one of those lyrical moments of oneness with nature Until our dog, whose leash I was holding, decided that she would do... Read More

Nothing About Us Without Us

Last week, we were joined in our Priorities in Global Mental Health class by members of Fountain House Located in midtown Manhattan, Fountain House is dedicated to the "recovery of men and women... Read More

What is the Price of Freedom?

As the sun goes down this evening, millions of Jews around the world will celebrate the first night of Passover The Passover Seder tells the story of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt We are to tell... Read More

Everything Is Illuminated

This is the title of Jonathan Safran Foer's New York Times Bestseller about a young Jewish writer on a journey to Ukraine to find his grandfather's hometown and the woman who saved his life during... Read More

The Long Shadow of Trauma

The news has been filled with grief and confusion emanating from the recent suicides of a father of a child who was killed in the Sandy Hook shootings and two Parkland students These individuals were... Read More