(No) Home for the Holidays

Last week, I picked up my daughter, Julia, after her last final  Yesterday, Ben arrived home  They have completed their first semesters at university We are looking forward to potato latkes and... Read More

Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

In 2006, Harvard Professor Richard Frank and Columbia Professor Sherry Glied published Better But Not Well Taking into consideration economics, treatment, living standards, rights, and stigma, they... Read More

John Glenn, American Hero

John Glenn, American Hero, departed this earth one last time this week His life followed the story line of the classic Hero's Journey – a classic three-part narrative where the individual sets... Read More

Stories that Inspire

Newspaper headlines and breaking news on CNN are dominated by the drama of crisis and disaster When we rely on this coverage to tell the story of mental illness, we are led to believe that the... Read More

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday, and from the time I was a little girl, the day started with big brass marching bands, acrobats, floats from the latest Broadway shows, and oversized... Read More

It’s Not What I Imagined…

I am going to just put it out there The election tally did not end the way I imagined, and the result has rocked my world I am joined by about half of America, and for the other half things have... Read More

Separate but (Not) Equal

"She is still really sick; they can't send her home," a desperate mom said to me by phone last week Her daughter has anorexia nervosa She has spent four days in inpatient treatment Now her insurance... Read More

Painkillers are Killing Us

This week, John Oliver featured Opioid addiction on his Emmy Award winning, Last Week Tonight The story, which got lots of Twitter love, brought to light how prescribing practices and pharmaceutical... Read More