Hi Kathy, Stan Here

"Hi Kathy Stan here Called to say hello and wish you a good Shabbos Give me a call when you get a chance Love you Bye" That was the message I could count on every Friday if I was not able to... Read More

Start of Spring Semester

Columbia University spring semester started this week How lovely and hopeful that the semester that starts in the dead of winter, is called spring semester I started teaching the course "Priorities... Read More

The Treaty of Versailles Lesson on Revenge

The Treaty of Versailles took force exactly one hundred years ago today on January 10, 1920 The Allied and Associated Powers, the victors of WWI, imposed the Treaty on the Central Powers and codified... Read More


With the start of the new year and new decade, the color company Pantone has named classic blue (Pantone 19-4052) as its 2020 color of the year With 1867 colors to choose from, Pantone says that... Read More

Five on Friday 2019

Dear Readers   Another year of musings on mental health We have covered a lot of ground From grief to burnout to the benefits of boredom From psilocybin to what the American Founding Fathers... Read More

A Lot More Than Happy

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! And today, Happy Birthday to my son, Brendan! Happy is good But this time of year can be emotionally intense Sometimes overwhelming And it is common for us to... Read More