Mental Health in our Gardens

Like many of you, I have been spending more time in the garden this year Planting lavender everywhere, giving tomatoes one more try, and even experimenting with corn I am not sure about the corn... Read More

Happy Interdependence Day

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States Signed in 1776, the Declaration of Independence put forward a bold vision on a profoundly flawed foundation that included only white male property... Read More


Last week, the United States Supreme Court decided a landmark civil rights case In a 6-3 ruling, the court determined that federal anti-bias law, already on the books for decades, covers... Read More

Men, Mental Health and Tech Meet Ups

With this Sunday being Father's Day and June being Men's Mental Health Month, I have been thinking about men and mental health Often, the discussion about men and mental health focuses on how... Read More

Is A Shadow Pandemic Brewing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly caused the largest and most rapid disruption to how and where we work since anyone can remember From Wuhan to Wichita, from mom and pop shops to... Read More

Why Now?

George Floyd was killed on 25 May 2020 His death has triggered protests around the country, indeed, around the world But racism and abuse of power are not new So what is it about this particular... Read More

It’s Enough Already

Disruptive Topsy Turvey Unprecedented These have been the go-to adjectives in this era of COVID-19 Nary a Zoom meeting, conversation, or webinar this week escaped reference to challenges of our... Read More

Graduation 2020: Squirm a Little

This week, throughout the United States, amidst the unprecedented pandemic of our day, academic commencements large and small have been taking place, virtually In my own family - my twins, my... Read More