Know My Name

Chanel Miller, the victim of the now-infamous sexual assault case at Stanford University in 2015, has decided to share her name She was known as Emily Doe when she read her searing victim impact... Read More

More on Eating Disorders

Five on Friday is coming to you late because I have been fully consumed for the past few days with the Eating Disorders Research Society annual meeting The inaugural launch of this Society was in... Read More

Today’s My Lucky Day

I spent the morning at DMV How can that be lucky Who wants to spend the last day of summer vacation at the DMV I would have said no one but the hundred-person line in front of me before the doors... Read More

Lisbon, Mental Health & Jewish History

Lisbon is all the rage right now Most visitors come to see the seven hills and Tagus River Harbor, the moorish architecture and historic cobblestones, and to taste bacalhau and pastel de nata I am... Read More

“Mom, I’m Bored”

Music to my ears But this wasn't always so As parents, we have been brainwashed to be afraid of hearing those dreaded words: "I'm bored" The same thing happened in healthcare around pain when, in the... Read More

Many Thanks to our 2019 Summer Interns

This summer, we have had thirteen interns working here in New York City with Columbia faculty and post-docs to advance mental health research, policy and advocacy To name just a few projects:... Read More