It’s Enough Already

Disruptive Topsy Turvey Unprecedented These have been the go-to adjectives in this era of COVID-19 Nary a Zoom meeting, conversation, or webinar this week escaped reference to challenges of our... Read More

Graduation 2020: Squirm a Little

This week, throughout the United States, amidst the unprecedented pandemic of our day, academic commencements large and small have been taking place, virtually In my own family - my twins, my... Read More

Thank You to the Artists

Upon receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, William Faulkner said that it was the work of the artist to lift up people's lives and help them endure I am sure that he would have said the same today... Read More

Women On My Mind

This Sunday is Mother's Day At the time of this writing, Coronavirus accounts for 274,651 deaths globally And this week, my honeybees are buzzing   The unexpected intersections of Mother's... Read More

Trouble Sleeping?

I never have trouble sleeping Well, almost never During this pandemic, I have actually been able to sleep pretty well, but I have also had some restless nights, some nights that I have been up until... Read More