Sakura 2020

Sakura (桜) is the Japanese word for cherry trees and their blossoms But the word means so much more than that With just one word, the Japanese are talking about the beauty of nature, the renewal... Read More

Why a Mask is Not Just a Mask

To mask or not to mask That has been an evolving question in the throes of COVID-19 Until now, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization have advised that ordinary... Read More

Among the Most Vulnerable in Our Communities

Much has been written about the stress on communities wrought by COVID-19 From everyday social isolation to postponing weddings and graduations to conducting virtual Passover Seders, Easter Egg... Read More

With Our Young and With Our Old

The eight days of Passover begin next Wednesday evening Depending on family traditions, the Seder can take hours and hours or be quite brief But in all cases, it is essential to recount the Exodus of... Read More