Ninety Years and Counting

This Monday, my dear friend, Jim Spool (AKA Grandpa Jimmy), will be ninety years old Born on December 3, 1928, Grandpa Jimmy arrived on earth the same year that commercially available sliced bread... Read More

Thanksgiving 2018

Everyone knows that thanksgiving is a compound word expressing the essence of this favorite American holiday focused on giving thanks But did you know that beyond "thanks" and "giving"... Read More

Knockin’ Your Noggin

It is football season in the United States That means Friday night lights for families with high school kids, and weekends filled with games from the 5-year-old MightyMites to collegiate and... Read More

Healthier, Longer Lives

Isn't that what we all want To be healthy, and if healthy, enjoy long lives So why should it be any different for someone with serious mental illness But that's not how it typically goes The odds... Read More

A Walk in the Park

Having flown halfway around the world to get to Sydney last week, I decided that a visit to Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park was worth another 3-hour flight to the Australian Outback A UNESCO world... Read More