Just for Fun

My first research assistant position was with Professor Catherine Garvey in the Psychology Department at Johns Hopkins University It was all fun and games Literally Professor Garvey was a world... Read More

If Truth isn’t Truth, What about Lies?

This week, the media went wild with commentary on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's Meet the Press statement that "truth isn't truth" Giuliani's jaunt into philosophizing about truth was highly... Read More

Lyme Disease and Mental Health

Ah! The joys of summer - sun, vacation, bike riding, swimming and hiking All good things for our mental health Generally The thing is that lots of animals love this time of year, including... Read More

What about Dorothea Dix?

Last night five dear friends came over for dinner We laughed; we told stories We talked politics and kids in alternating breaths We ran through summer plans, college drop-offs and future adventures... Read More

The Bright Future of Mental Health

While doom and gloom dominate much of the mental health and mental illness landscape, there is a crop of next-generation young adults demonstrating a brighter future It is true that we have a... Read More