Guru Purnima

For all the teachers out there, take note Today is Guru Purnima in India, Nepal and other countries where Buddhism and Jainism are infused in the fabric of society It is a day devoted to celebrating... Read More

Do You Pixar?

My son saw Incredibles 2 when it opened a few weeks ago An instant box office hit, he declared it one of Pixar's best on our family chat on his way home His praise opened the floodgates to a flurry... Read More

Friday the Thirteenth

Today is Friday the Thirteenth Synonymous with bad luck, superstitions about the number thirteen are everywhere Thirteen is so unlucky that in many hotels and apartment buildings, there is no room... Read More

When in Doubt, Serve

Wednesday was July 4th Nowadays, it is a day for barbeques and fireworks But its origins are rooted in celebrating the independence of Colonial America The date is practically synonymous with liberty... Read More