Born to Be Wild

Get your motor runnin' | Head out on the highway | Lookin' for adventure | And whatever comes our way   I am a pop culture midget and even I know this song by Steppenwolf What makes this... Read More


Hollywood mega-mogul Harvey Weinstein made headlines this week Not for another great film No, this time we are watching a documentary in the making Weinstein's decades-long story of sexually... Read More

Mental Health in the Workplace

From the basement work cubicle to the c-suite corner office, mental health problems are everywhere in the workplace Hiding in plain sight, people generally suffer in secrecy and in silence This past... Read More

Las Vegas: 58/489

The massacre that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday evening at the Route 91 Harvest Festival killed 58 people and injured 489 others In and of itself, it is tragic Placed in the larger context of... Read More