Shared Roots

Coinciding with the setting of the sun tonight, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar begins: Yom Kippur It is a day of fasting, reflection and introspection Metaphorically, within a 24 hour period,... Read More

Let Me Hear Your Voice

This past Tuesday, while millions of citizens in Mexico were going about their daily routine, another earthquake struck This one registered 71 on the Richter Scale, and as compared to the earthquake... Read More

Five Cool Mental Health Terms

Talking about our innermost thoughts and feelings can be challenging - at least in part because sometimes we can't find the words Well, it is the start of a new school year in the northern... Read More

Mental Illness is a Family Affair

We tend to think that mental illnesses affect individuals - with diagnoses and treatments focused on the person who is symptomatic Necessary - but not sufficient I dare say, the burden of mental... Read More


Cool, new start-ups have no restrictions on vacation – but they have no vacation policy either The paradoxical effect is that people are taking less vacation rather than more, which is not good... Read More