Polio, Students, and the Long Haul

Sometimes the challenges in global mental health can seem insurmountable, with more than 90% of people who need treatment not receiving care in some areas of the world But mental health isn't the... Read More

I Have a Dream

August 28, 1963, standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr delivered his legendary "I have a dream" speech at the "March on Washington" This past Monday we celebrated MLK Day,... Read More

One Year Old

My great nephew, Ethan, turned one yesterday and we are celebrating at Disney World Yes: Disney World For months, friends and colleagues have said that this was a crazy idea "He's too young!" "He'll... Read More

Can you really die from a broken heart?

Last week brought the death of Star Wars Princess Leia In real life, Carrie Fisher not only was a famous actress and writer but also a tireless mental health advocate, speaking out with uncommon... Read More