5-7-5:  The number of syllables in the classic 3-line Japanese haiku made famous centuries ago by Japanese poet, Basho As much as it is a constraint, this parsimony forces the poet to ponder what... Read More

(No) Home for the Holidays

Last week, I picked up my daughter, Julia, after her last final  Yesterday, Ben arrived home  They have completed their first semesters at university We are looking forward to potato latkes and... Read More

Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

In 2006, Harvard Professor Richard Frank and Columbia Professor Sherry Glied published Better But Not Well Taking into consideration economics, treatment, living standards, rights, and stigma, they... Read More

John Glenn, American Hero

John Glenn, American Hero, departed this earth one last time this week His life followed the story line of the classic Hero's Journey – a classic three-part narrative where the individual sets... Read More

Stories that Inspire

Newspaper headlines and breaking news on CNN are dominated by the drama of crisis and disaster When we rely on this coverage to tell the story of mental illness, we are led to believe that the... Read More