Time to Take a Break!

I have written on several occasions about how taking time off from work benefits our mental health.

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So, in the spirit of “practice what you preach,” I will be on vacation for two weeks and will take a break from writing Five on Friday for the month of August.


Hoping to catch up on my sleep.


Planning more time for yoga and bike riding.


Intending to spend time daydreaming.


Looking forward to playing just for fun.


Anticipating quiet hours for reading books recently recommended to me.

In the busyness of life, it is so easy to lose track of all the daily practices like these that can help us tend to our mental health. I am counting on this stretch to help me refocus, reset, and reconnect to routines that are good for my emotional and psychological wellbeing – during vacation and every day. Let’s walk the walk together!

Kathleen M. Pike, PhD

Kathleen M. Pike, PhD is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Global Mental Health WHO Collaborating Centre at Columbia University
[email protected]