Will Early Psychosis Treatment Change the Course of Schizophrenia?

Date(s) - Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
8:30 am - 9:45 am

A T32 Seminar
Speaker: Dr. Lisa Dixon

There are three associated readings for this week:

  • Dixon LB, Goldman HH, Bennett ME, Wang Y, McNamara KA, Mendon SJ, Goldstein AB, Choi CW, Lee RJ, Lieberman JA, Essock SM. (2015). Implementing Coordinated Specialty Care for Early Psychosis: The RAISE Connection Program.  Psychiatric Services. [html: PsychiatryOnline]
  • Lucksted A, Essock SM, Stevenson J, Mendon SJ, Nossel IR, Goldman HH, Goldstein AB, Dixon LB. (2015). Client Views of Engagement in the RAISE Connection Program for Early Psychosis Recovery. Psychiatric Services. [html: PsychiatryOnline]
  • Lieberman JA, Dixon LB, Goldman HH. (2013). Early detection and intervention in schizophrenia: a new therapeutic model.  JAMA. [html: The JAMA Network]