Fear Extinction, Neural Plasticity, and Treatment of PTSD

Date(s) - Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
8:30 am - 9:45 am

A T32 Seminar
Speaker: Prof. Yuval Neria

There are two associated readings for this week:

  • Helpman L, Papini S, Chhetry BT, Shvil E, Rubin M, Sullivan GM, Markowitz JC, Mann JJ, Neria Y (2016). CPTSD REMISSION AFTER PROLONGED EXPOSURE: TREATMENT IS ASSOCIATED WITH ANTERIOR CINGULATE CORTEX THINNING AND VOLUME REDUCTION Depression and Anxiety. [html: Wiley Online Library]
  • Shvil E, Sullivan GM, Schafer S, Markowitz JC, Campeas M, Wager TD, Milad MR, Neria Y (2014). Sex differences in extinction recall in posttraumatic stress disorder: A pilot fMRI study Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. [html: HHS Public Access]