Diary of a Global Mental Health Summer Intern

As the summer winds down, 13 interns are heading home to continue their studies, buoyed by their new found knowledge of mental health and the skills they have developed in just eight weeks that will lay the foundations for their future careers. The 2018 cohort of summer interns shadowed chaplains, buried themselves in literature reviews, assisted the international research projects of their mentees, attended lectures, contributed to research papers, and learned how to use new software and programs to tell the stories of global mental health. They were an impressive, dedicated and enthusiastic group with grand ideas and the youthful optimism and vitality to follow them through. We know they will go on to shape the future of mental health research, education and treatment globally, and we were thrilled to play a part on shaping their knowledge, values and attitudes.

Morgan Silverman, a student at Dickson College, Pennsylvania, documented her internship with a series of endearing blog posts. Her tenacity, resourcefulness and flexibility are evident. You can read more about Morgan’s contribution to HIV research through an innovate app here.