CSPNJ Site Visit

GMHP International Advisory Board members visited two programs of CSPNJ, a peer-run mental health agency in New Jersey. The visit was arranged through Board member and Executive Director of CSPNJ, Jody Silver.

At the Wellness Respite (a crisis diversion program and an alternative to hospitalization at just the right moment) and at the Moving Forward Wellness Center (where more than 50 people a day come to receive support, encouragement, life skills training) we saw what a true extended family of support really can mean.

Anne-Margaret Smullen; Program Coordinator, CSPNJ Middlesex County Wellness Respite
Janet Montag; Chair GMHP International Advisory Board

Peer leaders bring dignity and respect to everyone who knocks on the door at CSPNJ, and our Board members were greeted with open arms and open hearts. Residents and community members shared personal stories of their journeys from despair to resilience and how CSPNJ has helped them. This unique experience was a reminder that everything starts and ends with people working together as a community.

Moving Forward Wellness Center Exchange

Learn more about CSPNJ: http://www.cspnj.org