Columbia Global Mental Health Team Hosts Dr. Maria Elena Medina-Mora from Mexico

On Monday, December 9th, Dr. Maria Elena Medina-Mora presented at the final CUGMH University Seminar of the semester about the state of global mental health in Mexico based on her decades-long commitment to research and public health as former Director-General Director of the Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry, founder and leader of the Center for Global Mental Health Research, and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.  Her presentation focused on the challenges for mental health care in Mexico with an emphasis on country-wide data collected during her time at the National Institute of Psychiatry and policy issues and opportunities within Mexico.

After the presentation, CUGMH faculty, community members, and representatives from collaborating organizations who work in mental health and migration at the Mexican border gathered at a reception honoring Dr. Medina-Mora.