Apply Now: 2021 Summer Internship and Global Practica

We are excited to announce that applications for our 2021 Summer Internship and Global Practica are now open!

The Global Mental Health Programs (GMHP) Summer Internship is a competitive summer internship program for rising senior undergraduates interested in the growing field of global mental health.

  • Students will be exposed to a wide range of didactic seminars and experiential learning opportunities, will be mentored by 1-3 departmental faculty focused on various global mental health initiatives, and will gain extensive exposure for networking and shadowing within the healthcare research environment.
  • The summer internship runs for 8 weeks, with students working 4 days a week with the GMHP. The 2021 internship is planned to be remote/virtual with no requirement to travel to Columbia University.
  • For more information and to apply for the internship, please visit our Undergraduate Student Opportunities page.


The Summer Global Practica is also now open and accepting applications. The Global Practica is designed to offer a range of practica experiences that are coordinated with the Columbia-WHO Center for Global Mental Health’s on-going research projects.

  • Applicants MUST be enrolled in a Columbia University graduate program in Psychology, Public Health, or Medicine to apply.
  • For more information and to apply for the Global Practica, please visit our Graduate Student Opportunities page.