Global Mission Partners

NGOs working around the world to bring justice, equity and independence to people with mental illness comprise our Global Mission Partners. We engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange during our International Advisory Board Missions around the world and strive to support one another in numerous ways throughout the year.

JORDAN | 2014

Jordan River Foundation: working towards prevention and awareness-raising for children, youth, parents and professionals offering holistic services to combat child abuse, strengthening the family unit and promoting a culture of child safety.

International Rescue Committee (Jordan): responding to a massive influx of Iraqi refugees and focusing on refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war.


INDIA | 2015

Apne Aap: founded by 22 courageous women in prostitution who share a vision for a world where no woman can be bought or sold.

Manas: providing multi-faceted mental health services reaching thousands of marginalized citizens.


Salaam Baalak Trust: providing health care and education to over 5,000 street and working children.

Barefoot College: empowering impoverished, rural women living on less than $1 day as agents of sustainable change.


Cape Mental Health: offering counseling, support, rehabilitation, training and reintegration programs for those affected by mental illness in order to take their rightful place in society.

Perinatal Mental Health Project: addressing mental illness among pregnant women and girls from some of the most disadvantaged communities affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence, abuse, social exclusion and refugee status.

The Lentegeur Spring Project: transforming the grounds of a psychiatric hospital from a place of rejection into a center of healing for individuals, communities and the environment – a place of rebirth.

PERU | 2017


Centro Ann Sullivan Del Peru is a nonprofit educational organization created in Peru in 1979 by Liliana Mayo Ph.D., to serve the community of people with different abilities (such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or developmental delay) and their families.