About Us

The Global Mental Health Programs are a network of programs based at Columbia University, New York, USA. We champion better mental health worldwide through innovative research, education and advocacy. The Global Mental Health Program was founded in 2012 by Professor Kathleen Pike in response to the overwhelming burden of disease of mental illness, and it transitioned to a formalized network of programs in 2018.

We envision a world in which mental illness loses its stigma and is recognized as a serious global issue that has an impact on all of us—economically, politically, and socially—whether or not our families or we are directly affected.

We envision a world in which effective prevention and treatment interventions are available and accessible in all societies.

We strive to be a world leader in education, research, training and advocacy in global mental health.

We are on a mission to promote mental health and reduce the burden of mental illness around the globe by:

  • Delivering postgraduate educational programs that prepare clinicians and researchers to advance the field of global mental health
  • Developing training programs that build capacity for research and clinical care in low- and middle income countries
  • Conducting basic and applied research that has global relevance
  • Advancing community awareness and understanding of mental illness
  • Advocating for human rights of people with mental health illness, including the right to participate in civil society, as specified in United Nations Declarations